The Audacity to Dream What do today's visions of the future tell us about the present? How will we become the heroes in our narratives of the future?

On February 8, I had the occasion to present at TEDx Lausanne. My talk took participants on a brief journey through the grand narratives of progress of the 20th century to ask: what do today’s visions of the future tell us about the present? What real and imagined orders hold us back from radical new beginnings? And, what will it take for us to become the heroines and heroes in our future history? You can shortly watch the Video here and read more about the topic here.

The overarching theme of the event was “Growth” in all its forms: organisms, data, personal, business, society and environment: “Growth is a feature of nature that we accept and seldom question. Yet it impacts every aspect of our lives. How should we manage the inevitable growth? When is growth good so that we should encourage and even accelerate it? When is growing bad so that we should control and even reverse it?” The wonderful people I got to meet, both in the speakers cohort and the organizing and coaching team, as well as the whole journey of preparation (here a very adequate description by Tim Urban on his blog WaitbutWhy) made this an unforgettable experience.

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