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Thank you for visiting Qrate! My passion and profession is to curate insights at the intersection of economics, politics, tech and society, and to design meaningful interactions around them. My favorite blogger Maria Popova at brainpickings explains very nicely why curation matters more than ever:

Without trusted filters, who help us sift the signal from the noise, we’re left either utterly overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of information or paralytically confined to an echo chamber of our existing knowledge and beliefs, seeking out only information that confirms them. Today’s information curators are these trusted filters that help us make sense of the world.

Occasionally I put my insights, questions and comments in writing, for instance in the German language newspapers Die Welt, Die Zeit, Der Standard or Focus as well as Techonomy,Huffington Post, HBR, the Forum Agenda or Quartz. In 2012 I published my doctoral thesis „Making Partnerships Work: A Production Theory of Global Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration“ with Springer Gabler. If you are interested in its key arguments check out this short introductory trailer.

As Head of Programming and Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum I curate the Annual Meetings in Davos, Switzerland, and China. Before joining the Forum I worked at the ILO, the UNDP Office of Development Studies and with several digital technology start-ups. I hold a Master and a PhD in management and economics from Witten/Herdecke University, Germany, and a Master in Politics of the World Economy from the London School of Economics. Since 2012, I  teach at the University of Geneva and since 2013 on the online learning platform Coursera.

Last but not least, when I read interesting stuff I share it via Twitter, LinkedIn, and google+ as well as a dedicated website which comes with the added benefit of an abstract and an archive (I would still call it a “public beta” version but I am working on it…).

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